Who else wants to earn some extra money referring people to a program that offers incredible value?

Year of a Lifetime is a 3-week goal setting course starting on January 7th, 2017. All classes are available on demand and satisfaction is guaranteed – participants have until the last day to ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

In the first session, your referred participants will learn how to figure out what they really want and make clearer goals. In the second session, they’ll find out how to deal with emotional stumbling blocks that could be stopping them from reaching their goals. Then, we’ll be wrapping up with a session geared to helping participants design a personalized game plan.

On a weekly basis after, participants will receive motivation and encouragement to help them stay focused.

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The YearOfALifetime.com Affiliate Program may be for you!

• Earn 40% commission on all referred members.
• Only $50 minimum earnings is necessary to get paid, so you can start receiving commissions after your second referred signup.
• We pay affiliate commissions direct via Paypal 15 days after the guarantee period has expired.
• Your leads are tracked by IP and lifetime cookie, so even if the cookie is deleted, you’ll still get credit from the purchase from that IP.
• Last referrer gets credit unless you attempt to buy from their own affiliate ID – then the previous referrer gets credit.
• We use a single affiliate tracking system across multiple programs, so you may get some surprise sales from sign-ups from other programs we offer.

Get the Quality Tools You Need to Promote

With New Year’s Resolutions on many people’s minds right now, it will make selling our program a piece of cake. But having the right product to promote doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the right tools to promote. Here are the options:

  1. Email Creative – We can provide you with custom email creative geared to your target audience. Sign up as an affiliate and then contact us with details about your list. We’ll then get you something within 2-12 hours.
  2. Custom Blog Posts – We can provide you with custom blog posts. These will not appear on any other site. Requirements: your blog must have a 2,500,000 or lower Alexa ranking and you will need to acquire an appropriate image to be used with proper usage rights. Contact us and let us know the following:
    • The URL for your blog
    • Information about your audience
    • Word length range
    • Any ideas you may have for post subject

    We’ll provide you with a unique blog post within 24 hours, a photo of Sharon Hayes and an official bio. The link for Year of a Lifetime will need to be changed to your affiliate link prior to publishing. Although we expect you to promote the post yourself as if it were your own, we will also promote it through social media.

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